What is a GSA?

A GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, etc.) is a student-run club in a middle school, high school or college which provides a safe place for students. GSA students support each other, talk about issues related to LGBTQ students, and work to end homophobia and transphobia on their campus.

What do GSAs Do?

Educate – GSAs work to educate themselves and their school community about sexual orientation and gender identity issues. They may share LGBTQ icons with their school community during LGBTQ History Month. They may organize LGBTQ awareness events at their school. Many participate in the “Day of Silence,” a day when participants remain silent for the entire day (or part of the day), as a way of acknowledging the silence caused by homophobia in schools.

Advocate – GSAs work to make their schools safer places for all students. They may conduct anti-bullying campaigns, participate in “No Name Calling Week,” or work with school administration so that LGBTQ issues and material are represented in school curriculum and libraries.

Celebrate – GSAs celebrate diversity and build community at your school, and help students find allies, friends, and support networks within school faculty. In addition, GSAs work within their communities on a variety of service issues, including volunteerism and service learning.

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