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What’s included in the Curriculum?

The Guide is based on GSAs meeting weekly. The curriculum includes meeting guides for 2-3 meetings a month. GSAs use the other weeks to plan and carry out their activities – making posters, planning social events, or conducting advocacy campaigns. If you don’t meet weekly, select the parts of the Guide that best meet your group’s needs and interests.

The Guide includes links to some great web resources. If you have access to an interactive whiteboard during your meetings you’ll be able to view them as a group.

Faculty Advisorsorder a FREE dvd of “Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case That Made History” for GSA Dec/Jan programming.


Meeting #1: Kickstart Your GSA

  • guidelines for respectful dialogue and creating a ‘safe space’
  • a plan for organizing meetings, leadership, and recording decisions/plans
  • a group mission statement and goals for the year

Meeting #2: Decoding the LGBTQ Alphabet

  • understanding how sex, gender, and sexual orientation shape how we perceive ourselves and others

Meeting #3Planning Events

  • review of group goals
  • list of events the group wants to host
  • send a list of your events to Iowa Pride Network


It’s LGBT History Month, check out these resources.
Meeting #1Coming Out

  • understanding the process of coming out
  • the history of National Coming Out Day
  • a decision by the group about participation in National Coming Out Day

Meeting #2Coming “Out” as an Ally

  • understanding the importance of being an “out” ally
  • a decision by the group about participation in Ally Week


Meeting #1Gender and Transgender

  • how cultural gender norms shape our lives
  • what transgender means
  • ideas for making your school safer for gender non-conformists

Meeting #2Gender Neutrality

  • the challenges of gender neutral language
  • awareness of the need for gender neutral restrooms
  • awareness of gender neutral housing options at colleges


Meeting #1Bullying and Harassment

  • definitions of bullying and harassment
  • knowledge of your school’s bullying policy
  • a sense of the level of bullying and harassment in your school

Meeting #2Bystanders and Bullying

  • understanding the power of bystanders
  • action steps for bystanders

Film Screening – Schedule a screening of “Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case That Made History” for your GSA or entire school community.


Meeting #1Words Can Hurt

  • understand the power of hurtful words
  • personal reflection on hurtful words that may have entered your own vocabulary
  • a plan for responding to hurtful words on social media and in person

Meeting #2Pink Triangles

  • understand the history of the pink triangle
  • recognition of Nazi persecution of homosexuals


Meeting #1Healthy Relationships

  • describe healthy relationships
  • recognize the spectrum of relationships from healthy to abusive

Meeting #2Unhealthy Relationships

  • dating abuse happens in LGBTQ relationships
  • LGBTQ youth face additional obstacles to seeking help.
  • Help IS available


Meeting #1Changing Attitudes About LBGTQ People

  • homosexuality was considered a mental illness
  • consensual same-sex relationships were a felony offense
  • homosexual men were portrayed as sexual predators and pedophiles

Meeting #2Birth of the Gay Rights Movement

  • the gay rights movement began in the mid-twentieth century
  • conservative Christian groups resisted the gay rights movement

Meeting #3Creating Change: Activists & Organizers

  • understand the difference between organizing and activism
  • identify the group’s actions as organizing or activism


Meeting #1Day of Silence

  • define goal for Day of Silence
  • organize participation in the event
  • review progress toward your goal

Meeting #2Marriage Equality in Iowa

  • the courts were crucial in achieving marriage equality
  • justices who ruled in favor of marriage equality were targeted by the opposition
  • the three remaining justices who ruled for marriage equality will be on the ballot in 2016


Meeting #1Harvey Milk

  • awareness of Harvey Milk’s political life
  • sense of how perceptions of LGBT people and their rights has changed over time
  • anti-discrimination laws vary from state to state

Meeting #2Jumpstart Next Year’s GSA

  • make plans ensuring a smooth start for next year’s group
  • pre-register for Iowa Pride Network’s Leadership Summit
  • take the survey

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