Looking for GSA Activities?

Here are supplementary activities you might enjoy. Some can be done by very small groups in a short period of time, others require more people and effort. Pick the ones the suit your group.

Does your group have a favorite activity? Please tell us about it.

rainbowribbonRainbow Ribbons

Make rainbow ribbons and distribute them on National Coming Out Day, Spirit Day, Day of Silence, or another day of your choosing.

Rainbow ribbon and small safety pins are available at craft/hobby stores.




Talk to your teachers and administrators about what it means to create a safe space for LGBTQ students and distribute “Safe Space” stickers or flyers for their doors.

Print Your Own Safe Space Stickers! (Compatible with Avery label 5163)


Sponsor a dance or “Pride Prom”

Play a LGBTQ Trivia Game

Start an LGBTQ Book Club

Host an LGBTQ Movie Night


pretzelMake Rainbow Pretzel Sticks

Make a colorful snack to celebrate diversity. Easy recipe and complete instructions available here >>


Invite a Guest from a LGBTQ Corporate Affinity Group


Launch a Social Media Campaign

Take a “Selfie for Silence


Make a Documentary

Use resources from IWitness to make a video


Write an article or column for your school paper

Take a School Survey


GSA3_(1)Design a GSA t-shirt to show your school and GSA pride

cookieGenderbread Cookies

Have a cookie decorating party! Make or purchase gingerbread people cookies and decorate them as Genderbread cookies. Create a ‘key’ explaining what the symbols on the cookie mean. See Decoding the LGBTQA Alphabet >>



paradeMarch in a Pride Parade

Express your creativity and show your pride! Build a float, decorate a pick-up, or just round up your group and walk or bike. Plan ahead, check the registration deadline for your local Pride Parade.




HIV/AIDS Ribbons

Raise awareness by passing out red ribbons on World AIDS Day, December 1 or National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day on April 10.






 Create a Bulletin Board

Create an interactive bulletin board using post-it notes. Think about creating a special bulletin board for No Name Calling Week, Day of Silence, Spirit Day, or National Coming Out Day.


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